LIVEOUTSIDE - producer and distributor of wooden garden architecture

Karta wymogów jakościowych JagramWe are a producer and distributor of garden wood. For 30 years, our products have been widely appreciated by customers all over the world. During this time, we have become a leader in the design, processing and impregnation of wooden garden architecture.

Thanks to many years of experience, we can offer you products tested by thousands of clients in different countries and climatic zones. Our pergolas and gazebos are very durable, so they will last for many years in your gardens. We have achieved this thanks to very modern machines, rigorous quality policy and production process. We have our own design office and research laboratories as well as numerous certificates.

Most of the products are made of solid coniferous wood. Some elements (in particular arches) are made of glued laminated timber.

The quality of planing which we present in our products is the highest possible to obtain on wet wood. With full awareness, we use this method because only such a production technology ensures the possibility of full pressure impregnation. Only moist wood has open pores allowing good penetration of the impregnation and its proper retention in wood. Immediately after impregnation, the surface has a greenish color, however, the dye oxidizes after a few weeks, when the product is exposed to atmospheric factors and the wood takes its natural color. Impregnation does not affect in any way the subsequent application of acrylic paints or lacquer-stains (when the wood is already dry).

Wood moisture may be higher if, for example, the order is shipped immediately after impregnation. It is worth noting that during use, wood under the influence of rain, snow and sun will change its humidity and volume many times. This will cause cracks and the formation of roughness (in particular in the vicinity of knots and bonding points), this can not be the basis for complaints. It is a natural property of wood.


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