1. If you’re the type to give your car a name and lovingly clean it at the weekend, then don’t you feel sad when it sits outside in the elements in the winter months? You can fix that, right now, by giving your car a wooden carport for an early Christmas present.

  2. It can be tough to choose between different styles of garden. You may be torn between making your garden a luxurious and verdant sanctuary for plants and wildlife (on the one hand) and imposing some neatness and order on it (on the other). After all, you probably want to use your garden as a place to get in touch with nature, but you also want to be able to relax in it. Luckily, you don’t have to choose! You can make your garden both a natural wonderland and an ordered, pleasant environment. The secret to achieving this is using the right kinds of garden structures.

  3. The warm summer months are behind us and the cooler, more windswept season of autumn is here. Soon, the chill of winter will be in the air, which is why now is the perfect time to invest in a garden arbour! You may think that it’s not worth buying an arbour until spring, but there are several good reasons to consider getting one now.

  4. As the schools go back and autumn staples like Downtown Abbey and Strictly return to our TV screens, it’s time to start preparing your pergola for the winter months ahead. Pergolas make wonderful additions to gardens everywhere, but keeping them in their best shape through the colder months will make sure they look their best when the warmer weather rolls round once more.

  5. As we enter into late August and early September, the summer months start to wind down. The temperatures begin to drop, the nights draw in, and many of us get our houses and gardens ready for the wind, rain, and maybe even snow that comes with autumn and winter.

  6. A recent study of more than 2,000 homeowners has found hanging baskets, wooden furniture and bird feeders to be the most popular choices when individuals were asked to describe their dream gardens.

  7. Giving your garden a makeover doesn't have to cost the earth and it doesn't have to take an awful amount of effort either. Small changes and tweaks here and there can go a long way to glamming up your garden.

  8. OK, so it hasn't exactly been the weather for it so far, but we Brits are a hardy lot - and optimistic too. Dining outside can be a great way to get the kids away from their screens and relax in your garden as a family, but it's not without its logistical issues.

  9. Very few of us are lucky enough to have a garden of such a size that we don’t share any boundaries with our neighbours! The chances are that you will have at least one boundary wall, and often an entryway too. The question is how to make these boundaries look attractive while clearly marking your property as separate to your neighbours - but there is a wealth of choice available.

  10. Do you use your garden as an extension of the house, as an additional room for entertaining, relaxing and even working during the lovely sunny months? So many of us aspire to outdoor living during the summer, but the blank canvas of a garden – so often a large expanse of lawn – can be difficult to see as a workable space. Careful use of trellis panels, gazebos, arches and arbours can create a garden that isn’t just an extra space, but a series of spaces that can be used for different purposes throughout the summer and beyond.