1. As we discussed in our blog entry ‘The Joys of Garden Fencing’, there are many reasons you may wish to enclose your garden. You might want to increase your privacy or bolster your home security. Alternatively, you might simply wish to erect a barrier to prevent pets or young children running off. If you do wish to enclose your garden, you can use either conventional fencing panels or more unusual trellis panels. Both options have their own unique advantages, but which one is right for you? Conventional fencing panels tend to be much more solid than trellis panels. This means that they are more resilient and can give you a greater degree of privacy. Because fencing panels don’t feature any gaps, they are very effective at keeping both intruders and prying eyes out of your garden! They can also survive harsh weather conditions and other forms of damage more easily, due to their solidity and toughness. If you need a hard-wearing, long-term method of enclosing your garden (or if y

  2. We often mention our fantastic range of gazebos on this blog, but did you know that we also sell summer houses? Summer houses are very similar to gazebos, but they do have a couple of important and notable differences. Unlike gazebos, they are completely enclosed and feature glass windows. Gazebos are designed to protect you from the elements, but they are open enough to allow breezes and fresh air to circulate through them. In contrast, summer houses are a more like small, self-contained rooms: they can defend you completely from the elements while offering panoramic views of your garden. But which is right for you: a gazebo or a summer house? Each structure has its own particular advantages. The main advantage of gazebos is that they allow you to feel that you are outside in the fresh air and sunshine. Though they protect you from harsh winds and precipitation, they don’t create a barrier between you and your garden. If you love to be outside and feel the cool breeze caressing yo

  3. Fencing is absolutely essential for any back garden. Firstly, it provides privacy and turns your garden into a refuge from the outside world. Everyone needs a little personal space and your garden is the perfect venue in which to create your own. Secondly, if you have any pets or small children, garden fencing can turn your garden into a safe space for them. Providing a barrier prevents them from straying too far and simultaneously ensures they can’t be seen by passers-by. In short, garden fencing is highly functional. However, it can also be incredible stylish. Just because it’s practical, doesn’t mean it has to be unadorned or insufficiently decorative. Here at Live Outside, we pride ourselves on the elegance and variety of our fence panels. Our Malvern panels have beautifully arched tops that give them a pleasantly quaint aesthetic. Meanwhile, our Salisbury panels and Durham panels are topped with flowing wooden wave-shapes, which are supported by an elegant criss-cross pattern

  4. Spring is coming, and we are starting to see the sun shining through after a long winter. However, those high winds and cool breezes can still make outdoor activities seem daunting. From popping to the garden for a cigarette to letting the little ones take their toys outside, making the most of our gardens is something we all like to do. With a beautiful garden structure from Live Outside, you can enjoy the outdoors even when the weather is cool, enjoying wind protection and rain cover under our durable, stylish timber buildings and shelters. Adding a smoking shelter to your garden will not only keep the elements at bay during your break, but you can keep tobacco smoke contained which can protect children and pets from its harmful effects. Our timber pavilions, gazebos and canopies are the ideal addition to a garden, and can provide many different functions as well. You could entertain guests over drinks on an evening, create a safe spot for the children to play with their toys, or just

  5. More and more people are turning to professional interior designers to help them market their homes and get the best possible price for their property - from tweaking a few bits and bobs, to carrying out a full-scale home makeover project before it goes on the market. It's not just the inside of a property that needs some love to ensure that your home sells for a great price though; equally important are the outside areas of your property, how they're maintained and the vibe that they give off. It's important to remember that when you sell a home, you're also trying to sell a lifestyle, and a fabulous outdoor area could make potential buyers fantasise about the fabulous BBQs, fancy garden parties and relaxed al-fresco dining they could enjoy if they lived in your home. Of course, the most important thing about your outdoor space is that it's neat, tidy and well looked after. Mow the lawn regularly when your home is on the market and keep on top of any weeding - hard work as it

  6. A carport is one of the most useful garden structures you can buy: they can help protect your car from potential thieves while adding value to your property. They can also protect it from the elements. However, you may wonder if protection from the weather is really necessary all year round. If not, are carports really worth investing in? We believe that a carport is a worthy investment: the protection from the weather that a carport can offer is invaluable throughout all the seasons of the year. Winter Protecting your car from the brutal weather conditions of winter is one of the most obvious uses for a carport. Torrential rain, sleet and heavy snow are all inevitable parts of winter in Britain. A carport can shelter your vehicle and prevent it from being dirtied or damaged by harsh winter weather. If you want to keep your vehicle clean and safe throughout winter and you don’t have a garage, a carport is definitely your best option. Spring April showers may feel refreshing, but they can still make your car dirty. This is because rain-drops carry particles of grime and pollution. You may be surprised by how useful a carport is for keeping your car pristine during the seemingly-innocuous spring season. Summer The intense heat of the summer months can be great for sun-bathing, but it can also make getting into your car rather unpleasant. If you leave your car out in the summer sun, the interior can often become baking hot. Nobody wants to drive a vehicle that’s almost too hot to sit in! A carport can provide shade and keep your vehicle cool during summer. Autumn The poet John Keats once described autumn as the “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness”. Unfortunately, it’s also the season of strong winds and falling leaves. If you leave you car exposed during autumn, it is likely to get battered by gusts of wind and covered in dead leaves. However, a carport is a great way to protect your vehicle from these indignities. It’s tempting to think that carports only provide protection from the weather during the harshest months of winter. In reality, however, investing in a carport will help you defend your vehicle from the elements throughout the year.

  7. Traditionally, garden structures are painted smartly but plainly. But is this really your only option? If you want to exercise your creativity, you could opt to give your garden a splash of colour by painting your garden structures brightly. There’s no reason to restrict yourself to plain, uniform colour schemes when decorating the structures in your garden; feel free to express yourself instead! Larger, more complicated structures such as gazebos and garden arbours can often look spectacular when painted using multiple different colours. You may even choose to pair plainer colours with brighter ones in order to create a visually remarkable contrast. For example, you could paint the majority of a gazebo white but give it a striking red roof. Of course, if you have a reasonably high level of artistic ability or the patience to paint very carefully, you may wish to experiment with painting larger garden structures with elaborate or interesting patterns. However, it may not be advisable to

  8. There can't be many more relaxing ways to while away a warm summer afternoon than lying in a comfortable hammock. It is the ultimate chill-out accessory and if you want to create the ideal living garden space and have already invested in a pagoda or gazebo, a nice table and chairs, plus a barbecue, a hammock will add the perfect finishing touch.

  9. Traditionally, January is one of the saddest times of the year for many people. After the joy of celebrating Christmas and New Year, as well as the other festivities that occur in the early winter like Halloween and Bonfire Night, it can be hard to adjust to going back to normal. However, while many of us do suffer from the January blues every year, there are things that we can do counteract them, and perhaps get rid of them altogether. So, with that in mind, here's two reasons why a new garden structure is the perfect way to battle through those January blues this new year, starting with keeping yourself active!

  10. Adding a carport to your property is a fantastic way of maximising space and improving kerb appeal; modern designs are stylish, practical and hassle-free, and our bespoke wooden collection is environmentally friendly too. Carports also have numerous benefits over garages, allowing air to circulate freely around your vehicle or caravan, for instance, thus minimising damp or mould during the harsh winter months. If you've never considered a carport, here is our lowdown on everything you need to know. What about planning permission? Unlike some garages, such as those attached to the wall of an existing property, you will most likely not need planning permission to erect a carport, meaning installation can happen as quickly as you need. The exception to this is if the carport you require takes up more than 50% of the entire ground floor of your home. Even in this instance, however, permission is not always needed and we can advise you accordingly. Are there