Here at Live Outside, we are known for the magnificent quality of our wooden gazebos. However, we also sell garden canopies, which are a fantastic alternative to gazebos. The difference lies in the openness of the structures. Whereas gazebos are structured a little like conventional buildings and are far more enclosed, canopies have a more minimalist structure and are very open. Unlike gazebos, most canopies do not have well-defined walls and some don’t have floors. They use roofs to provide shade and shelter but lack an enclosed, solid lower structure. The fact that garden canopies are so open gives them several unique benefits. Is a garden canopy right for you? The key advantage of a garden canopy is that it protects you from the elements but also allows you to connect with the sights, sounds and textures of your garden without the feeling of separation that you might experience in a more rigid, enclosed gazebo. Garden canopies are also great for garden parties and other large social gatherings. Because canopies aren’t enclosed, they do not create a barrier between individuals sheltering under them and individuals who are enjoying the rest of the garden. This can help promote a feeling of cohesion and camaraderie at your social gathering. Finally, canopies are made from less material than gazebos. As a result, they tend to be somewhat cheaper. If you need a reliable, beautiful garden structure but have a limited budget, canopies are an ideal option. Garden canopies and gazebos each suit different types of people. Whereas gazebos are ideal for those who need a peaceful, secluded haven but still wish to enjoy their gardens, canopies are perfect for people who want to experience their garden in all its glory or use it for large social gatherings. Whatever type of person you are, we’ve got garden structures that will suit your needs perfectly. If you’re outgoing, energetic and love to socialise, we think you’ll be delighted by our high-quality wooden garden canopies. Take a look at our range today to see the huge variety of different styles and sizes available. They look great on our products pages, but they’ll look even better in your garden.