Although winter’s chill lingered in the air longer than usual this year, the spring season is now well and truly under way here in Britain. You may even be thinking about investing in new structures for your garden so that you can spend more time there during this warmer part of the year. But what structures are essential for creating the ideal springtime garden? We think there are four structures that are indispensable if you want to construct the perfect garden for this uniquely lovely season. 1. A gazebo A gazebo is the perfect place to socialise and admire your garden while it is in full bloom. Gazebos can also offer shelter during light springtime showers, meaning that you don’t need to be forced back inside by a little rain. We offer a huge range of gazebos in different styles, so you’re certain to find one that suits your tastes on the ecommerce part of our website. 2. A garden arbour During the springtime, you’re likely to want to view your garden from a less enclosed vantage point than the one offered by your gazebo. Garden arbours provide you with a place to sit and enjoy your garden without surrounding you completely. 3. Trellises Garden trellises can give you a great place to grow your plants. Their delicate latticework provides support and shelter for developing plant-life. What’s more, some plants (such as ivy and other creepers) will actually grow around trellises, thereby making them even prettier and more appealing. They’re the perfect accessory and support for your springtime plants. We have a wide selection of trellises in different styles for you to choose from, so feel free to spend some time browsing our range. 4. A hammock Finally, you may wish to invest in a hammock, so you can doze in your garden on the warmest, sunniest days of spring. A hammock is the perfect way to enjoy a beautiful garden during the most colourful and pleasant time of the year. If you’re thinking of installing new structures in your garden this spring, you should start by looking at our broad selection of gazebos, arbours, trellises and hammocks.