Summer is arguably the best season for spending time in the garden: the weather is warm, the sunlight is beautiful, the flowers are in bloom and you’re unlikely to be troubled by any sudden bouts of rain. However, spending time in your garden during the hottest part of the year can also expose you to sunburn and excessive heat. Luckily, you don’t have to simply put up with it. Here at Live Outside, we supply a variety of structures that can provide you with shade and enable you to spend time in your garden without overheating or becoming sunburned. But which shade-giving structure is right for you? 1. Garden arbours Garden arbours are smaller, more compact structures that are ideal for individuals with less spacious gardens. If you need some cover to protect you from the sun’s rays but don’t have the space for a larger garden structure, you should consider investing in an arbour. Because arbours are smaller, they are also ideal for sun-lovers who only want a little bit of protection and aren’t looking for something that will keep them completely shaded. 2. Gazebos Gazebos are larger than arbours and can completely shield you from the sun. They provide a cool, shaded area that’s large enough to socialise in. If you need total protection from the sun and intend to use your garden as a space to entertain guests, a gazebo is the perfect structure for you. However, it’s important to ensure that your garden is large enough to accommodate a gazebo before you invest one. If it isn’t, you may wish to consider another option. 3. Carports Like a gazebo, a carport can provide you with a reasonably-sized cool and shady area to spend time in when you’re in your garden. However, you can also use it protect your car from the sun when you’re not using the garden yourself. If you’re a car-owner and you need a shaded area that will prevent both you and your vehicle from overheating, we recommend that you invest in a carport. We offer a broad range of different styles for garden arbours, gazebos and carports here at Live Outside. No matter which type of structure you choose, you’re bound to find one that you like on our product pages.