In addition to our range of gorgeous gazebos, terrific trellises and amazing arbours, we also sell greenhouses with elegant wooden frames and garden planters in a huge range of styles. But which is the best option for you? Should you invest in planters so you can grow your plants in the open air, or purchase a greenhouse that can protect them from harsh weather and provide them with a warmer environment? The answer depends on the kind of plants you want to grow, the size of your garden and, of course, your unique sense of style. 1. What do you want to grow? Some plants will grow perfectly well in your garden, whereas others need the protection of a greenhouse. As a general rule, plants that are native to the UK can survive outdoor conditions comfortably and should be planted outside in planters. In contrast, plants that typically grow in warmer climates and have been imported to Britain often require greenhouse conditions to flourish. In short, you should invest in planters if you want to grow local plant species and you should invest in a greenhouse if you want to grow something more exotic. 2. How big is your garden? Greenhouses are fairly large structures, so they may not be suitable for smaller, more compact gardens. After all, you probably don’t want to include multiple planting areas or garden structures in your garden, so you may not wish to use up all the available space on a single greenhouse. Consequently, we recommend that you use planters in smaller gardens. Of course, greenhouses can be integrated easily into larger gardens. 3. What style of garden do you want? When choosing between a greenhouse and planters, you should think carefully about how you want your garden to look. Do you want a garden that is defined by elegant structures or a garden that brims with different types of plantlife? If you prefer a more structured garden, you may wish to opt for a greenhouse, whereas if you prefer a wilder garden with a focus on plants, planters would be ideal for you. Of course, in order to make your final decision, you’ll need to carefully balance the different factors that we have discussed in today’s blog post. When you’ve made your decision, check out our ‘grow your own’ page to see our range of planters and greenhouses.