In addition to our wide range of gazebos, carports, garden arbours and fencing panels, we at Live Outside also sell garden hammocks. These stylish garden accessories are perfect for relaxing in, especially during the balmy summer months. Our hammocks are self-contained structures, so you don’t need to secure them to anything or suspend them from anything. But where should you position your garden hammock for maximum comfort? You have complete freedom when it comes to positioning your hammock, so it’s advisable to pick out the perfect spot. You have several main options, and the one you pick will depend on your personal relaxation preferences. 1. Out in the open If you’re a sun-lover, you may wish to position your hammock in the middle of your garden, where it's unlikely to fall under any shade. With your hammock positioned out in the open, you will be able to drink in the sun’s rays unhindered. However, you will also be more susceptible to sudden gusts of wind and summer showers, so keep an eye on the weather if you intend to put your hammock in a more exposed position. 2. Beneath a gazebo, carport or pergola If you eschew sunbathing and prefer to recline or doze in a shady, sheltered spot, you can place your hammock in a gazebo or beneath a carport. You’ll be protected from the heat of the sun, as well as from rain and wind. It’s worth noting that our hammocks are highly compact, so you won’t have any trouble fitting them into shade-giving garden structures. 3. Against your house or another structure If you want to catch some of the sun’s rays but also wish to be protected from other weather conditions, you can locate your hammock near the side of your house or a similarly sturdy structure. This won’t block too much sunlight, but it will grant you a degree of protection from wind and showers. Of course, a garden hammock is just one of the accessories that you need for a perfect summer garden, so feel free to take a look at our range of other, high-quality garden structures too!