Terms and conditions of the photo competition on Facebook


"Garden with LiveOutside"


  • 1 General provisions


  1. The Facebook photo competition (hereinafter referred to as the “Competition”) is organized on the terms set out in these regulations (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") and in accordance with generally applicable provisions of British law.
  2. The organiser of the "Garden with LiveOutside" Competition (hereinafter the "Competition") is JAGRAM LIMITED with headquarters in Unit 12 Westway Business Centre, Marksbury, Bath, United Kingdom, BA2 9HN, Company number 05634989, hereinafter the "Organiser".
  3. The competition is conducted on the official Profile " LiveOutside - Garden design" on Facebook at the URL: https://www.facebook.com/liveoutsidecouk
  4. The competition is organized in the territory of the United Kingdom.
  5. The competition is based on selecting 3 winning photographies among those sent to us, meeting the criteria set out in these Terms and conditions.
  6. Prize competitions and free draws are free of statutory regulatory control under the Gambling Act 2005 (the Act). The information collected by us on this site will never be sold, rented or loaned to any third parties or companies. However we reserve the right to contact you ourselves if we feel that products or services of ours may benefit you.
  7. The Organizer informs that the Competition is not in any way sponsored, supported, conducted, administered or associated with the website
    Facebook available on the Internet network at the URL: http://www.facebook.com/ (hereinafter: "Facebook") or associated with it.
  8. Facebook registered trademarks and their use for the purposes of competitions take place only in accordance with the provisions of the terms and conditions of the Facebook social network. The competition is in no way related to Facebook, this website is not responsible for the correct course of the Competition. The organizer is obliged to release Facebook from any liability related to this competition, in particular from any liability towards its participants.


  • 2 Participants

  1. The Competition is open to adults who:

  • have turned 18 at the latest on the day of the Competition commencement,
  • have an account on Facebook,
  • are fans of the LiveOutside profile on Facebook
  • sent a photo of their own garden in accordance with the provisions of the Terms and conditions,
  • on the day of submitting their entry into the Competition, have their permanent residence in the territory of the United Kingdom.

  1. The participants of the Competition meet the conditions described in this paragraph in sec. 1-7 (hereinafter referred to as "Participants").
  2. Employees of the Organizer and other entities directly involved in the preparation and conduct of the Competition cannot participate in the Competition.
  3. Persons who will take part in the competition and will not stand on the podium pledge that they will not make any claims or will not seek any compensation or an apology to the Organizer. And for this reason, they will not post negative comments on the fan page and by e-mail, as they accept the rules of the competition.
  4. The data of the Participants will be processed for the purposes of the Competition and the transfer of prizes to the Winners. Participants personal data are protected in accordance with The Data Protection Act 2018. The Organizer is the administrator of personal data.
  5. By entering the Competition, the Participants agree to the processing of his Personal Data by the Organizer in order to conduct the Competition and select the winner.
  6. Providing personal data is voluntary.
  7. Personal data will be processed and used by the Organizer only for the purposes indicated in the Terms and conditions.


§3 Rules for participation in the Competition


1. In order to take part in the Competition, please send the photo / photos of your garden to the address contact@liveoutside.co.uk in which wooden garden architecture from the LiveOutside.co.uk store is shown.
2. The submitted photos must meet the following criteria:
• the presented product must be clearly visible
• the photo must be of high quality, sharp (not blurred) and well-lit.
• photos with interesting scenery will receive higher points.
• if there is an image of a person on the photos, the participant sending the photo is obliged to attach a written statement of that person agreeing to the free publication and distribution of his/her image.
• photos must be sent in an accessible format - preferably .jpg

3. The content of the application should include the name and surname of the person to whom the invoice was issued in our store. Only people who have purchased products in our online store and are in our customer base can participate in the competition.

4. The date of the competition, i.e. the time to send photos described in § 3 of the Terms and conditions, is:
- from October 19, 2020 from 14:00
- till November 1, 2020, 23:59.

5. Participation in the Competition is free of charge, and the Participant may resign from participation in the Competition at any time.

6.By entering the Competition, the Participant declares that he is the owner of all copyrights (personal and material) and herewith transfers to the Competition Organizer the right to use the competition photo free of charge in any way, without time and territorial restrictions, in all fields of use and related rights.

7. Participation in the competition is tantamount to acceptance and consent to the following clause: "I consent to the processing of my personal data for the purposes necessary for the implementation of the competition (in accordance with The Data Protection Act 2018)."

8. By taking part in the Competition, the Participant confirms that:
- accepts the terms of the Competition Regulations;
- agrees to the publication of his name and surname, as well as the nickname used on Facebook when announcing the results of the Competition, as the Laureate of the Competition.

9. The Organizer reserves the right to moderate the content on Facebook related to the competition (responses, descriptions, comments) added by Participants, if in the opinion of the Organizer they may be against the law, regulations of Facebook.com, present Terms and conditions, decency or they offend feelings or rights of other people, contain pornographic or drastic content, violating the interest and good name of LiveOutside, or are not related to the Competition. Participants are forbidden to post links or references or URLs to other websites.


§4 Competition Committe


1. In order to ensure the proper organization and conduct of the Competition, and in particular to assess the correctness of applications to the Competition and to select the Competition winners, the Organizer will appoint a Competition Committee ("Competition Committee").

2. The Competition Committee will be composed of employees of J class Limited.

3. The Competition Committee makes decisions by majority of votes.


§5 Awards


1. The prize for the Competition Laureates depends on the place taken:

1st place: 400 GBP gross voucher to be used in the online store https://liveoutside.co.uk/ for all products available at that time.

2nd place: 300 GBP gross voucher to be used in the online store https://liveoutside.co.uk/ for all products available at that time.

3rd place: 200 GBP gross voucher to be used in the online store https://liveoutside.co.uk/ for all products available at that time.

Honorable mention:  the participant who will not reach the podium, but the photo sent by him/her will be considered by the committee as suitable for marketing purposes, will receive a 50 GBP gross voucher to be used in the online store https://liveoutside.co.uk/ for all products available at that time.

2. The voucher can be used as a discount for larger orders. Then the amount from the voucher is deducted from the amount that the customer receives in the cart along with the transport. 3. The voucher is valid for 12 months from the date it is granted. 4. The voucher may be used by any person indicated by the winner.


§6 Announcement of the results of the Competition


1. Information about the Competition Laureates, along with the name and surname (also a nickname - if they use one), will be published by the Organizer after the Competition is settled on November 9, 2020. on the profile https://www.facebook.com/liveoutsidecouk

2. Additionally, the Laureates will be informed via e-mail sent to them by the Competition Organizer.  


§7 Awarding the prizes to the Laureates


1. The Competition Winner will be informed of the Competition victory by being tagged on Facebook, by highlighting its photo, and via e-mail.

2. The Winner, in order to receive the Prize, is obliged to confirm receiving of the e-mail with the winning message.

3. Providing false or incomplete data (name, surname and telephone number) will be the reason for refusing the prize to the Participant in the event of a win.

4. There is no cash equivalent for the prizes won.

5. The Laureate may choose any product from the range of LiveOutside products available at https://liveoutside.co.uk/  

6. The Organizer reserves the right to refuse to release the goods if the product is currently sold out and is not in stock.

7. The prize winner may refuse to collect the prize awarded to him.


§8 Complaints


1. The Participant has the right to lodge a written complaint during the Competition and 14 days from the official announcement of the Competition results, no later than on November 23, 2020. The date of receipt of the complaint by the Organizer shall decide about keeping the deadline for submitting a complaint.

2. The complaint should include: name, surname and exact address of the Participant, as well as a detailed description and the reason for the complaint. Complaints submitted electronically should be sent to the e-mail address: contact@liveoutside.co.uk
- Title of the e-mail: Complaint: "Garden with LiveOutside Competition".

3. The complaint must contain accurate personal data, name and surname, the exact address of residence with the postal code, the reason for the complaint, the content of the claimant's request and a description of the circumstances justifying the complaint, the Participant's signature.

4. The complaint procedure lasts 14 days (the date of sending the registered letter is decisive), including the written notification of the Competition Participant about the result of the complaint.

5. The person lodging the complaint will be notified in writing about the outcome of the complaint procedure within 14 days from the date of receipt of the complaint. 6. The data provided by the Participants in connection with the complaint shall be used by the Organizer solely for the purpose of considering and responding to the complaint.


  • 9 Final provisions
  1. The Terms and conditions of the Competition will be available on the Competition Organizer's website at: https://liveoutside.co.uk/blog/ from 19.10.2020. until November 24, 2020
  2. These Terms and conditions are the only document specifying the rules of the Competition. All promotional and advertising materials are for information purposes only.
  3. The Organizer is not responsible for any technical problems on the part of the Participant, affecting the fulfillment of the conditions related to participation in the Competition.
  4. Any disputes arising from the performance of obligations related to the Competition will be settled by the appropriate court of local jurisdiction in accordance with applicable regulations.