A garden arch makes for a truly eye-pleasing addition to gardens of any type or size, but there are various considerations to make before placing one in your plot, to ensure you get the most from this attractive feature. Where you decide to locate your garden arch can influence the look you want to create. If you position it close to the house, it will provide you with the best view, and will act as a focal point for your garden. Many people like to place their garden arch over a path, or to link different parts of the garden together, but it can also be placed out of view, so that it can surprise and delight you as you enter secret or hidden parts of the garden. Think about where you place your garden arch in relation to other structures, such as trellis panels, a pagoda, gazebos or a garden arbour. Your garden arch deserves to be shown off in its own right, and shouldn't have to jostle for attention when placed next to other structures. Consider where you locate your garden arch in relation to the sun. If you like the idea of sitting under the arch on a bench as the sun goes down, look to see where the sun lies in your plot, at different times of the day. Knowing which parts of your garden catch the most sun or shade is also important if you plan to grow plants up and around the arch. Certain types of plants perform better in different light levels, so if you have a particular plant in mind you want to use for your arch, make sure to locate the arch to fit around the plant's requirements. Of course, you don't just have to grow plants around your garden arch. They are incredibly beautiful in their own right without needing foliage to give them eye-catching appeal, so, ultimately, you can position your garden arch anywhere. Once you have decided on the location, do make sure that your arch is fully supported in the ground, so that it won't topple over.