In selecting the right fencing product for your garden, you should consider a few things first. Do you want total privacy above all else? Are you looking for something decorative? Where is your fencing going to be situated? For privacy Ripon and Shutter panels provide that all-important privacy for your garden in a simple and effective way, whilst also being nice to look at, especially with the right fence post caps to set off the look. Canterbury and Beverley panels with their diagonal slats provide a little more sophistication and elegance, whilst still providing full privacy in your garden. For decoration Windsor and Chatsworth styles create lower level fencing, perfect for decorative fencing, for example to mark the border of your front garden whilst still showing off your lawn and plants. A latched gate provides quaint charm for the bottom of your garden path. For both If you have a good relationship with the neighbours, York and Salisbury style panels are a little lower, but have the curved top which adds contour to your boundary. If you fancy this style but still want your total privacy, try mounting the York atop a low wall, or go for the taller Malvern or Durham style. Trellis For marking a boundary within your garden, for low-privacy situations or for growing plants such as creepers, a trellis may be the appropriate option. There are a wide range of styles to choose from including whole trellis panels like Premier, fence tops in styles like English trellis and other, decorative options such as wall trellis and Tartan. Finishing For all fencing styles, make sure you have all the essential components for the project, including posts, caps, post holders and L-brackets where appropriate. For any and all orders from liveoutside, we will be happy to advise you on exactly what components you will need and in what quantity for each type of fencing we supply. Before embarking on any fencing project, especially if erecting on a property boundary, remember to check that you are within your rights to do so. If your planned fence is near a road, it may be worth checking with the local council planning office to make sure your project adheres to their regulations. That way you can be sure your hard-earned time and money is spent wisely.